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Center Stage: Baritone and Brass Band




The idea of creating this CD recording came about in late 2010, when I was nearing the end of my musical journey in the United Kingdom. I was speaking to Jason Katsikaris about wanting to keep in touch with the brass band scene upon my return to Australia and he suggested making a CD recording with Gunnedah Band as a project to work towards, as well as a memoir of my time in the UK.

As I started thinking more about the project and the music I would like to include, I decided that it would be great to have some new repertoire for baritone and brass band on the CD and that it might also be a good opportunity to promote the music of composer friends that I had made during my travels. And so came about the collaboration of many musicians and friends. Each work on this CD has significance to me; some have been composed or arranged specifically for the CD by friends, others hold a special place in my memories, and all have helped to shape me as a musician.

Center Stage – Track Listing

1. The Healing Power of Flame – Tom Davoren (10:12)
2. Amarte Es Un Placer – Juan Carlos Calderon, Arr. Luc Vertommen (3:53)
3. Rhapsody for B flat Baritone and Brass Band – Philip Sparke (9:13)
4. Kristy’s Song – Peter Meechan (3:58)
5. Scherzo for Baritone – Iain Rayner (3:27)
6. Rangitoto – Goff Richards, Arr. Iain McKnight (12:11)
7. Mattinata – Ruggero Leoncavallo, Arr. Luc Vertommen (4:05)
8. Diversions for Baritone – Darrol Barry (8:01)
9. Film – Andy Scott, arr. Jim Fieldhouse (4:07)
10. Mayfly Blues – Stan Nieuwenhuis (7:56)
Total playing time: 67:05

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